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Egyptian Photographer to be Featured in 'Facing Britain' Exhibit at Germany's Museum Goch

Mohamed Hassan, an Alexandrian photographer who currently works in Wales, will have his works featured in Museum Goch's "Facing Britain" exhibit.

The 'Facing Britain' exhibition taking place at the renowned Museum Goch in Germany will feature artists from all over the world who have contributed to seminal documentation photography of the United Kingdom from 1963 to 2020. And among their number, you will find an Egyptian photographer named Mohamed Hassan.

"It describes the various epochs from the decline of the coal industry, the Thatcher era with the Falkland conflict, the Brexit that split the island into two parts," reads the museum's description of the exhibit. "A special focus is on the 1970s and 1980s, which were influenced by David Hurn, Tish Murtha, Daniel Meadows and Martin Parr, when artistic documentary photography gained an importance worldwide."

The exhibition will feature some of the biggest names in British photography such as Martin Barrer, David Hearn and Martin Parr. As for Mohamed Hassan, his portraiture work "aims to challenge some of the stereotypes and judgements that people make about other people." Hassan - who is originally from Alexandria - has have been living and working in Pembrokeshire in west Wales since 2007, graduating with a 1st class honours degree in Photography from Carmarthen School of Art in 2016 before exhibiting in a whole host of national exhibitions including, the Mission Gallery and National Portrait Gallery in London.

The 'Facing Britain' exhibit will take place from September 27th to November 7th, 2020.

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