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Egyptian Sculptor Kamal El-Feki to Feature in Summer Art Showcase in New York

'Summer Idyll' by Manhattan's Agora Gallery brings together artists from all walks of life.

Egyptian Sculptor Kamal El-Feki Featured in NYC's Agora Gallery 'Summer Idyll' Exhibit

Egyptian sculptor, Kamal El-Feki, has been chosen as one of 19 artists taking part in a summer showcase in New York’s Agora Gallery. Titled ‘Summer Idyll’, the group exhibition will run between June 27th and July 17th and brings together an eclectic range of work from a variety of different artists of different backgrounds and practices.

El-Feki specialises in mixing the abstract and the traditional to pose grand existential questions. Through life-sized bronze sculptures, El-Feki explores the myriad of struggles, ranging from the cultural to the political, faced by himself, the modern man.

El-Feki’s pieces, while reminiscent of that big huggable marshmallow blob, Baymax, from Big Hero 6, are expressive in their contours, their slouches and stances.


El-Feki has achieved several accolades for his art, including two full-time grants from the Egyptian Ministry of Culture in 2011 and 2012, a Cairo Salon Award in 2013, and an Alexandria Biennale Award in 2014, as well as receiving the Egyptian Award for Creativity. 

Located in the affluent Manhattan neighbourhood of Chelsea, Agora Gallery has been displaying the distinguished works of national and international artists since 1984.