Thursday December 7th, 2023
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British Council Launches 'Grants For Arts'

The British Council, a longstanding proponent of developing the arts in Egypt, has just launched their 'Grants For Arts' fund for 2015-16, aimed at helping develop the field at the grassroots level...

Staff Writer

The British Council aims to hep spread art and culture in Egypt, and for years has been implementing programs designed to do just that. 

While the Egyptian art industry is steadily growing, it remains lacking on the grassroots level. Many artists find the means to pursue their art simply too expensive. The British Council wishes to push the art industry - at that grassroots level - forward by launching its ‘Grants for Arts’ fund for 2015-16. The grant will target young artists whose work engages with a wider community in Egypt that does not usually engage in art and culture activities. The grant will also be seeking out artists and audiences with disabilities.

Art forms range from music, film, theatre, literature, dance, visual arts and design and will not specify a certain age for artists, though they are expected to be in their final year of university and over. Grants will vary but most are expected to be under £2000. It's great to see this field being developed and opportunities presented to those who need them. 

Check out more information here and apply for the grant here.