Wednesday June 19th, 2024
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Historic Jeddah Launches Arts Initiative ‘Balad Al-Fann’

The UNESCO world heritage site will prop up a slew of local artists, showcasing their work to the world.

Nouran Saleh

Historic Jeddah Launches Arts Initiative ‘Balad Al-Fann’

Historic Jeddah, a UNESCO World Heritage site more colloquially known as Jeddah Al Balad, will be home to a new initiative titled 'Balad Al-Fann,' a vibrant programme that will adorn the city's cultural landscape with art until March 9, 2024.

This endeavour aims to celebrate the rich artistic heritage of Jeddah while nurturing the burgeoning talent within its creative community. The programme encompasses a wide array of activities, including exhibitions, workshops and interactive installations, all designed to engage and inspire both residents and visitors alike.