Monday 28 of November, 2022
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Learn to Shake it at Adams Dance Studio

Because no one likes to look awkward on the dance floor.

Staff Writer
If you don’t know how to dance it can be downright terrifying when you’re in a situation where there’s no avoiding the dance floor. Weddings, beach parties...these and plenty of other scenarios can be a recipe for disaster if you’re not properly equipped with what the professionals call “the moves.” 
New Cairo’s prime location for such enlightened gurus of groove is Adams Dance Studio, educating the uncoordinated masses in the art of everything from break dancing and Hip-Hop, to Salsa and contemporary dance, as well as everything in between. Started by May Adams, her studio is home to professional dance instructors who deal with beginners, intermediates, and advanced students. Adams herself has a unique vision for her enterprise in Cairo. “I lived in London for eight years, dancing there, and when I moved here I saw there was no dancing in Egypt,” she says. So she set up shop in New Cairo and offered something that the basic dance courses at gyms didn’t; an actual educational experience. “It’s not just a dance class but more educational. Students get one-on-one sessions as well as a history of the style and a certificate when they're finished. When you go take a class at the gym, there’s no education. They don’t teach you about the different styles of Hip-Hop,” Adams elaborates, “We teach all the styles and then the student can pursue any direction they want."
Now with the studio approaching its second birthday, Adams and co. are expanding. Just in time for Eid, they'll be opening another studio in the North Coast to help those poor souls who need to learn some moves quick before they embarrass themselves at the myriad seaside parties this summer or maybe just want to learn a couple new tricks to really wow all the fine-looking members of the opposite sex.Also coming to Maadi in September and opening this every weekend summer at Amwaj & Bianchi starting July 14th, Adams studio is a singular spot in Egypt where you not only learn how to shake what your mama gave you but also can appreciate the finer things about the art. 
You can check out their Facebook page here or contact them on 0100 555 5137.