Friday April 12th, 2024
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NOLA Cupcakes is Taking Over Tanta!

The cupcake connoisseurs are basically on their way to world domination.

Staff Writer

NOLA Cupcakes is Taking Over Tanta!

Arguably the first people to kick off the cupcake frenzy which has swept the nation in recent years, Nola have been steadily expanding their sugary reach across the country. They've got branches splashed across the entire city, firmly ensuring that wherever you live in Cairo you will not be able to zip your jeans, recently opened their first Mansoura branch, and are now making their way to Tanta.

Because you know what they say; first step Tanta, next step the world. No one actually says but it would probably be fair to say that Nola will someday take over the entire world; in no time, we imagine the people of Taiwan will be in a frenzied sugar high, frosting manically smeared across one cheek, courtesy of Nola's decadent treats - just like we are on a semi-regular basis, depending on how bad our life choices have been that week.


Tik-Tok Tik-Tok 4:15am figuring out which sheet goes where to place on the ceiling 😰 ! Wish us luck ! #NOLATanta !

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For now though, the Taiwanese will just have to be patient as Nola is taking their treats to the people of Tanta first, because no Egyptian city should ever have to suffer the misery and sorrow that is being deprived from a red velvet Nola cupcake. Ever. 

"A cupcake is our dosage of happiness to the city," co-founder of the brand Laila Sedky, told CairoScene in an interview in 2012. Clearly, lots of joy is about to be brought to Tanta.