Wednesday December 6th, 2023
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Man Trains Trees to Grow in the Shape of Furniture

Gavin Munro has found a way to deliver high quality wooden furniture without having to do all the traditional steps.

Staff Writer

It should come as no surprise to people that a majority of our furniture is made from timber. You’d be surprised at how much work is required to make that simple coffee table you have somewhere in your house. But what if all that work could be avoided?

A man named Gavin Munro is working to make that happen. Mr. Munro has decided to start his own kind of furniture business. But one that doesn’t require all the sanding, screwing, gluing, sawing or anything in-between. The man grows trees in the shape of furniture. Yes, you read that correctly and no we are not delusional.

His furniture, which is obviously 100% wood since it’s a tree, is much more durable, has a longer lifespan and is conveniently one piece since it was grown that way. Like anything that sounds perfect there is always a flaw in the system. That flaw in this case is the fact that trees take a very long time to grow; years to give you an idea.

The way he gets them to grow into furniture is actually kind of simple but requires, and we can’t stress enough on this, A LOT of patience. For example his first catalogue of products will not be available until at least 2017. But he basically plants the tree and properly places ‘shapers’ for the tree to go around and after some time he coerces it to truly shape the desired piece of furniture.

Don’t be surprised if two years from now the internet blows up about all the available tree-furniture. And of course thank you to Mr. Munro for having a great idea and bringing it to life. And goodness do we admire your patience.