Friday April 19th, 2024
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Meet Nara Studios - The 3D Artists Behind Egypt's Biggest Ad Campaigns

You may not have heard of them, but if you've seen any of the ads they've worked on - and we know you have - then you're already familiar with the 3D artistry Nara Studios is capable of.

Cairo Scene

Meet Nara Studios - The 3D Artists Behind Egypt's Biggest Ad Campaigns

Creativity and vision are elusive things. They can’t be taught or learned and only a handful of people truly possess these qualities. It doesn’t end at inspiration, thought, creativity isn’t creativity until it’s implemented, vision is nothing without execution. This is where one of the Middle East’s premiere 3D visualisation firms, Nara Studios, comes in.

As one of the first companies of its kind, Nara Studios’ portfolio of work is nothing short of incredible. You may not have heard of Nara Studios, but you’ve certainly heard of some of the brands and companies they’ve worked with across a whole host of different industries and fields. Think Orascom Development, Palm Hills Developments, Alchemy Design Studio, Travco Properties, Ora Developers, Mimar Group, EKRAVD and even famed Egyptian architect, Waleed Arafa. Their work goes beyond the borders of Egypt and the Middle East, with their global footprint seeing them enter into Dubai, Canada, England, France, Ghana, India, Kuwait, Lebanon and the USA, working with everyone from fashion brand, Sabry Marouf, to world-renowned architectural practice, Frank Shaw Associates. 

So, what’s the key to their success? Well, in simple terms, Nara Studios achieves something that very few do in the creative industries: they strike a balance between quality and speed, two things that are key to living up to the demands of their big-name clients and collaborators. Ultimately, though, Nara Studios understands well how critical advertising or marketing is in this day and age, and they strive to achieve ultra-realistic results when it comes to its CGI solutions, which in turn have the power to drive sales up and turn casual viewers into loyal clients - the ultimate goals of any marketing or advertising campaign.

When you dig deeper into Nara Studios as a company, you’ll understand why. They aren’t run by market-analysing, number-crunching entrepreneurs, but three men who understand the craft inside and out. Founders and partners, Hady El Kholy and Sherif Medhat, are CGI artists by trade, while Mohamed Tossan is a seasoned art director positioning Nara Studios as more than a service or business, but a key part of an ecosystem that is only growing and growing by the day.