Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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Netflix's First Ever Ramadan Campaign Is Celebrating Egyptian Women in the Coolest Way Ever

Netflix's 'She Rules' Ramadan campaign gives us all the more reason to continue binge-watching our favourite female-led shows.

Staff Writer

Netflix binge-watching is one of the world’s favourite pastime activities. We Netflix binge regardless of whether we have an exam, an early morning meeting, or duties to attend to. So now that Ramadan is around the corner, it’s fair to say that we have a lot more time-passing to do and undoubtedly, we WILL be lying down in some obscure position with our laptops cradled in our chests before Iftar. However, there is something far more special taking place on Netflix this month giving us all the more reason to indulge. For the first time ever, Netflix MENA is leading a Ramadan campaign, She Rules, to celebrate the struggles and successes of Arab women across the region, and the way they individually continue to break through the patriarchy.

To do this, Netflix MENA has collaborated with 30 female influencers/artists/entrepreneurs from the Arab region - including four from Egypt - to lead the campaign on social media. For every day in Ramadan, one of the influencers will creatively post about her favourite female Netflix character that she feels has helped with her badassery. In addition to this, Netflix MENA has already launched a video campaign that features actresses from the Arab region in their day to day struggles while sneaking in subtle cues that denote female empowerment. Filmed locally, the idea of this video campaign is to show the different and somewhat difficult realities of these women who, in the end, come out on top - because women are powerful creatures, obviously. Check it out below. Our Egyptian representatives for the social media campaign include MO4 Network Art Director Noha Bahr, vlogger and actress Sarrah Abdelrahman, Youtube show host Injy Aboul So’oud, and photographer/illustrator Nourane Owais.

With more and more key lead roles being represented by women on Netflix TV shows, the manner in which women are portrayed in media is undoubtedly changing. Shows like Orange is the New Black and Gilmore Girls that highlight the fearlessness, bravery, power, and strength of women, are parallel to the intent of the campaign, which hopes to see more women in the region follow suit in kicking down the century-long barriers imposed on them.

To see the campaign roll out during Ramadan, make sure you follow Netflix MENA on Facebook and Instagram