Monday December 11th, 2023
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Oufuqy Music Festival

Oufuqy is cooking up a musical storm starting June 17, in its third year as a pioneering platform among Alexandria's rich but underrepresented music scene.

Staff Writer

While Cairo's art and music scene is constantly pulsing and expanding with more and more left-field independent venues popping up and mammoth scale festivals like D-Caf taking to the fore, Alexandria still lacks the platforms for artistic expression in a city full to the brim with talent.

The Oufuqy festival is returning for the third time this year starting June 17, running for nine days, and is set to do much to fill that void. The festival will take place at several different venues around Alexandria, including the French and Goethe Institutes, Odeon Cinema, El Cabina and Wekalat Behna. Not only will it provide a stage for both local and Cairene artists, from avant-garde to Hip Hop, to bring their music to a new audience in Alexandria, they will also be hosting numerous local and international independent films related to music.

Some of the music highlights include the spoken word poetry of Ali Talabib and the experimental beats accompanied by Arabic vocals of Nadah El Shazly, as well as Ramy Abadir and Mostafa El Sayed's synth driven compositions. As part of the film schedule, Oufuqy will be showing I'm Not There, the story of Bob Dylan, as well as Setto Zad which tells the story of Egyptian singer Shahrazad.

For a full schedule of the Oufuqy festival click here or check back to the CairoScene calendar daily.