Saturday June 15th, 2024
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Saudi Fantasy Film ‘HWJN’ to Open Red Sea Film Festival

Adapted from Ibraheem Abbas' YA novel, 'HWJN' gained acclaim for blending Western sci-fi with rich Arabic culture and folklore.

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Saudi Fantasy Film ‘HWJN’ to Open Red Sea Film Festival

‘HWJN’, a Saudi Fantasy Film by Dubai-based Iraqi director Yasir Al-Yasiri, has been confirmed as the opening feature for the third edition of Saudi Arabia's Red Sea International Film Festival. The festival is scheduled from November 30th to December 9th in Jeddah, which has also provided the enchanting backdrop for the film's fantasy narrative.

Adapted from the acclaimed young adult novel of the same name by Saudi writer Ibraheem Abbas, ‘HWJN’ gained popularity for seamlessly blending Western sci-fi elements with rich Arabic culture and folklore. Against the contemporary setting of Jeddah, the film follows Baraa Alem, a benevolent jinn seeking to unravel the mysteries of his royal lineage. As he embarks on an epic journey, Baraa strives to maintain a delicate balance between the human and supernatural realms.

"Opening the festival in its third edition with a Saudi film is a real testament to how far the cinema industry has come in such a short time. As a Saudi filmmaker myself, this is a transformative moment," said Mohammed Al-Turki, CEO of the Red Sea Film Foundation in a statement.

The highly anticipated premiere of ‘HWJN’ will feature the introduction by director Yasir Al-Yasiri, with lead cast members Nour Alkhadra, Baraa Alem Naif Aldaferi, Alanoud Saud, Mohsen Mansour, and Shaimaa Al Tayeb.