Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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TAM Gallery’s Newest 'Exhibition Space' Show Features the Fresh Work of 29 Art Graduates

Kicking off on September 11th, TAM Gallery’s new ‘Exhibition Space’ show gathers the works of Egypt’s next generation of artists.

Staff Writer

It's an artist-eat-artist world out there, especially for fresh graduates. Ever tried to post one of your drawings on Instagram without a fanbase backing you up? The silence is deafening, the engagement is alienating, and the lack of Likes? Heartbreaking. But enough about our portfolio. TAM Gallery’s 'Exhibition Space' will serve as an inaugural show for emerging talents and art graduates, showcasing the works and graduation projects of 29 up-and-coming fine artists.

“This exhibition gives the opportunity to freshly graduating artists to show their work to an outside audience for the first time," said Lina Mowafy, founder of TAM Gallery. "These artists have been carefully selected for their promising potential, freshness and unique point of view. We’re happy to be bridging this gap and we will continuously strive to give voices to new artists in the scene.”

The exhibition will be kicking off on September 11th at 7 PM until September 20th, with all the pieces available for purchase.