Sunday December 10th, 2023
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The Most Heartwarming Pictures of Egyptians You'll Ever See

Ahmed Hayman latest photography collection zooms in on the everyday and finds beautiful stories behind the beautiful faces of Egypt.

Staff Writer

When we look outside our windows, from our cars, from our high-rise apartments or even when we're just walking down the street, there's a distinct disconnection, a social barrier that turns passing figures, their features, and their stories into nothing but a passing blur. Famed photojournalist Ahmed Hayman has been curating a selection of portrait photography, simply called Egyptians, that focuses on these every day people and personalities. Yes, it's another page inspired by Humans of New York but everys single one of his shots 100% warms the cockles as do the captions that come with them, giving you a blip of their life stories as told to Hayman. It's a project that inspires you to make a connection with everyone who makes up this country, from all walks of life.

Check out some of our favourite so far below and visit the Egyptians project here. Read our previous feature on Ahmed Hayman here.

"I'm not asking for too much, I just want to live like a human being, live with dignity, earn a decent living and raise my children," - Cairo."My wish is a future that isn't frightening," - Cairo.

"- Are you flirting with me?
- No, I want to take a picture of you.
- Hmm, alright but don't make me ugly.
- Is it possible to make an ugly picture of a beautiful woman?
- Hehehe, alright then take a picture and show me..." - Cairo"What are you photographing son.. I'm too old," - Al Menia.

"You are not the first to take a picture of me, I enjoy being photographed and I enjoy making people happy," - Cairo.

"I hope to win a medal for Egypt soon," - Marsa Alam."If I stayed at my home without work I feel weak, Yes I am 62 years old but one has to work everyday! And all I wish is for people to smile to each other," - Alexandria."'Mustachio' thats my nickname,"- Luxor."I've been working for 20 years as a guard of Abu Simbel Temple, I met thousands of people from all around the world in this place, It's my home and where I get the money from, it's my duty to take care of it and protect it," - Abu Simbel."