Sunday July 14th, 2024
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This Cairo Tattoo Studio Will Ink You at 25% off for Inktober

Tattoos that fit True Skin Art's monthly theme will be given at a 25% discount!

Staff Writer

This Cairo Tattoo Studio Will Ink You at 25% off for Inktober

Who hasn’t fantasised about getting a tattoo (or three)? Even people who contend they’ll probably never get one have at least considered what designs they’d have if they were ever to get one.

A lot of things can stop people from making the permanent decision, like societal pressures, parental rants, and most of all, the cost. The skin art is known to be expensive, but True Skin Art studio in Rehab City is pushing an idea that blends design and cutting costs.

The tattoo parlour is big on themes, so they’ve decided to envision a theme for each month, along with associated designs, that they’ll offer at 25% off. October (or Inktober)'s theme is, fittingly, horror. To many, having your tattoo design dictated to you can be quite the deal breaker, but fear not, because if you have your own design, it can still qualify for the discount, as long as it fits the theme.

True Skin never compromise the beauty of their designs for anything, however, so they may only accept your design if you allow them to make some artistic changes to it. In fact, if it’s horrendous, they may just show you the door!

“If someone comes with a bad idea, we don’t do it. We either try to improve it, if we can, or we just won’t do it,” Egyptian-American artist Mary Ghabrial of True Skin Art tells CairoScene.

The 4.9 star-rated studio sets itself apart from other tattoo parlours in Egypt by setting strict standards for their work. No one under 21 years old is allowed to get inked, they have a mandatory consultation before tattooing anybody, the follow the latest, safest techniques in applying their art, and excellence of design is always their number one goal.

“[We offer] quality of work. Clean, nice work,” Ghabriel says. “When someone comes to us with something, we always try to improve it.”

The other tattoo artist is Russian-Egyptian artist Timur Reda who has half a decade of experience in tattoo services under his belt, including a stint at Graffinks Tattoos & Piercings Studio. 

You can book your session through their Facebook page or by emailing You can also check out their website or give them a call at +201013557559 for any questions.