Thursday 1 of December, 2022
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This is Egypt's Most Random Instagram Account

Each one of these pictures is worth a thousand words and 200 Egyptian pounds.

Staff Writer

It’s official. The people on Instagram have lost it. It was weird when they started taking pictures of random household items, putting a black and white picture over it, and a super deep caption over it, but this account is taking weird to the next level. And we're loving every bit of it. It's basically an ever-growing collection of pictures that feature a 200 pound bill in the strangest (and most compromising) positions. And as if the randomness of the pics weren't enough, the captions are just golden. Golden. 

We're left wondering is this commentary on the devaluation of the pound? On how we treat money? Feast your eyes. 


If you call me and I say I'm busy this is probably what I'm doing.

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Check the comment on this one.


whom she? #notallheroeswearcapes #althoughthisonedoes

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Be sure to check our the full in gallery in all its random glory.