Saturday May 25th, 2024
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Too Sexy or Too Disgusting? Egyptian Film Poster Fuels Anger

A suggestive new film poster has sparked a whole lot of controversy...

Staff Writer

Too Sexy or Too Disgusting? Egyptian Film Poster Fuels Anger

Belly dancers are no strangers to controversy in this conservative nation. The latest belly dancer in conservative crosshairs is Sama al-Masry, who appears on an “overtly sexy” movie poster.

The film poster is for a movie called “Apple Charcoal,” which depicts female legs dressed in lace tights with a shisha pipe suggestively placed between them. The release of the poster was immediately met with a wave of backlash over multiple social media platforms.

Many have taken to Facebook and Twitter to express their distaste for the poster, calling it disgusting, and that the poster disrespects both the audience and Egyptian cinema in general.

This is not the first time Sama al-Masry has found herself the centre of controversy, as just last July she made headlines in a video where she could be seen dancing and singing a message to U.S President Barack Obama, accusing him of supporting the banned Muslim Brotherhood. If that wasn’t enough she also launched her channel that was devoted to standing against the Muslim Brotherhood, only furthering the ongoing polarisation and keeping the flames of anger alive.

The sad part is the legs are likely not even Sama's, as the image appears to have been photoshopped from an older image: