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Absolut x Andy Warhol

History was made in 1986 when art giant Andy Warhol collaborated with Absolut, and now history is about to be made again right here in Egypt...

The embodiment of creativity, pop-art and breaking boundaries: we're all acquainted with Andy Warhol, the timeless global art influencer, and we've all yearned for a piece of his legacy to hang on our very own walls. Well, Absolut is about to bring him to you. Surprised? Sure, for his paintings and photographs mostly hang in a museum. However, Absolut is bringing us the spirit of Andy Warhol through their limited edition Warhol bottle. 

When it comes to supporting creativity and contemporary art, Absolut takes centre stage thanks to their collaboration with Warhol back in 1986. The artist, who was fascinated by the bottle itself - having famously said “I love the bottle, I want to do something...” - was the first creative mind to work with Absolut and paved the way for other collaborations with Keith Karing, Damien Hirst, Louise Bourgeois, Annie Liebovitz and more recently Spike Jonze, Swedish House Mafia and Icona Pop. Containing the original non-flavored Vodka, with their new bottle (black with blue, pink and yellow detail) the Swedish brand takes their devotion to art to the next level by inviting us all to honour the Warhol-Absolut partnership.

Not only will Absolut be infusing our homes with the spirit of Warhol as of December, when it will be available for purchase in Egypt Duty Free shops, but by purchasing the bottle you will be donating to The Andy Warhol Foundation, which has distributed nearly $250 million in grants supporting contemporary visual arts, as a portion of the proceeds will be given to the foundation.

The Andy Warhol limited edition Absolut bottle is much more than a bottle, it is the embodiment of contemporary art with the message that transformation is within reach for everyone.