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Townhouse Gallery Reopens Today After Government Shutdown

Independent arts and culture space Townhouse Gallery finally reopens, putting the controversy that followed its closure to rest.

Independent non-profit art space Townhouse Gallery will reopen in the next few days, artist and Assistant Residency Coordinator Ayman Ramadan told Mada Masr.

Townhouse offices and library have opened today, according to the publication; however, the Rawabet performance art space will not reopen until its emergency exits meet the required building regulations.   

Both Townhouse and Rawabet have been shut down since December of last year by the Interior Ministry’s Artistic Products Department, the Tax Authority, the Ministry of Manpower and Immigration, and other authorities. The move came amid a widespread crackdown on cultural spaces and other entities by the government prior to the fifth anniversary of the January 25th popular uprising. The art space released a statement on their official Facebook page addressing the controversy.