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12 Vintage Egyptian Ads

We take a look at the adverts of yesteryear, and ponder an existence before hashtags...

We take a look back at some vintage Egyptian advertisements before promoting a product meant hahstags and hits but sometime after we invented the advertisement with hieroglyphics...

Obtain that optimum climate bitches!
Nabil Cigarettes! For the Nabil in all of us.
You could use a massive x-ray machine or just feel the end of your shoe...
And Omar Effendi are still around today because they did not invest in massive x-ray machines for your shoes...
Mohamed Fawzi, the original Pedobear
Get your man a Stella beer and then go clean the house in a short ballet dress, bitch.
Ismail Yassin died of a heart attack in 1972.
Obtain some more climate...
Chrysler pimp-mobils
Pepsi: For rich white people served by minstrels
When McDonald's opened in Egypt it was a big deal. There were queues and shit.
Nothing says happy Ramadan like a mermaid Mickey Mouse