Sunday April 2nd, 2023
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Volcano Spews Flower Petals

Environmentally-friendly? No. Super aesthetically pleasing? Absolutely. The new Sony ad is a visual feast.

Staff Writer
Sony recently collected 8 million petals from the quiet Cost Rican town in an area near the Irazú Volcano. It was part of a campaign for some new TV they were hocking with uber, ultra super definition and 7D or something. The idea was to make an explosion of colour with the petals as if the volcano was spewing out flowers and was organised by ad agency McCann.
With the help of local residents, it took two weeks for the team to collect 2.5 tonnes of the most vibrant, colourful petals they could find in the region. To be honest, if we lived there we'd be kind of pissed off a bunch of American dudes were fucking with our eco-system and then flooding our town with a bunch of petals... Nevertheless, the result is some pretty fantastical pictures.