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We Asked 4 Designers To Join the Viral Campaign Re-Imagining the Egyptian Pound

As the Egyptian Currency Design Challenge goes viral, we take a look at the web's wittiest and most quirky designs... and add a few of our own.

A campaign calling on Egyptians to redesign the Egyptian pound has rapidly gained traction, garnering hundreds of users, designers, and cartoonists who are re-imagining the face of the country's currency, as Egypt undergoes the hits and bumps of a post-devaluation economy.

From stunningly beautiful to insanely witty and downright hilarious, these designs sparked massive attention on social media feeds, as the hashtag #Egyptian_Currency_Design_Challenge goes viral.

The initiative, created by Egyptian creative director Maged Sabry, is not accredited by official governmental institutions; it was created, instead, with the “purpose of expressing and displaying our rich Egyptian art and culture by sharing visions, concepts and thoughts” with the rest of the world, he says on the Facebook page.

In an attempt to join the initiative and make our own contribution, we asked four of our mama company MO4 Network's graphic designers to join the campaign. And this was the result:

By Ahmed El Masry.

By Amr Serag.

By Mike El-Issa. 

By Mina Sawiris. 

Here are some of the top trending ones:

 By Muhammed Mahrous.

 By Islam Biko.

 By Karim Sabry.

By Ahmed Ali El Attar. 

By El Haram Official. 

By Mohamed Salah El Din. 

 By Mohammed Ahmed.

By Mostafa Amin.