Monday 28 of November, 2022
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Your Shopping at This Ramadan Market Will Economically Empower Egypt's Refugee Women

Westown Hub has collaborated with #MO4Good to support the work of refugee and underprivileged women. And you can buy all of it.

Staff Writer

Without a doubt, some of the most innovative crafts have come from under-represented factions of communities, be it in the Arab world or globally. Perhaps the ingenuity can be attributed to a dire need to escape the reality you’re in, or more simply as a method of survival. And as part of its strong CSR presence, SODIC’s Westown Hub - throughout the holy month every Thursday and Friday during their Ramadan Nights - has collaborated with #MO4Good to support the work of refugee and underprivileged women and help in empowering them socially and economically.   

If you’re not sure exactly what’s going on at Westown Hub this Ramadan, all you need to know is that they’re providing incredible Khan El Kahlili-themed iftars and sohours coupled with the likes of Cairokee and Aida El Aiouby every week, AND El Mouled Games night to conclude Ramadan. In addition to all of this, the market will now display crafts from NGOs Fard Foundation and Life Vision who are helping underprivileged women integrate into Egyptian society. Some of the crafts include a range of clothes, jewellery, accessories, carpentry, and other nifty goods made by Syrian refugees, and Egyptian women from Hay El Zabbaleen. All we can think is more shopping options, less guilt about spending. According to a UNDP report released earlier this year, about 54 percent of Syrian refugees are living under the poverty line, and about 20 percent are unemployed. Refugees are often disadvantaged when it comes to integrating smoothly in Egypt due to difficulty in obtaining legal paperwork, which then ripples into their ability to find a job. 

So if you’ve been thinking about paying your dues and doing your part in empowering those in need, since 'tis the season giving after all, check out the programme at Westown Hub during Ramadan and purchase some locally made goodies. Heck, you also get to feast and enjoy some classic, kid-friendly entertainment while you're there too.  

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Check out Fard Foundation's page and Live Vision's page to see other ways you can help out or search #MO4Good to see other CSR initiatives.