Sunday June 23rd, 2024
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Time on Canvas: Everyday Moments of Egyptian Life in the 1800's

Society was obviously very different 200 years ago, but some things just always stay the same.

Staff Writer

Time on Canvas: Everyday Moments of Egyptian Life in the 1800's

"What was life even like in Egypt back in the 1800's?", I hear you lament. Unfortunately, it was a time where we were yet to be blessed by the marvels of photography. Thankfully, however, we had some highly talented artists who did more than just a great job at bringing our vibrant country to life with a few strokes of a brush to the canvas, giving us a glimpse of what society was really like around 200 years ago.

Frederick Bridgman - Driving a BargainLife may have been way different in the 1800s, but we were already accustomed to driving a bargain, a practice that many will tell you is something that Egyptians practice so much, it has pretty much become a way of life. I guess we really did inherit a couple of traits from our ancestors.

Frederick Bridgman - Tete a Tete (1880)It looks like this guy’s on a date, so what’s he doing with that massive rifle? Kinky.

 Vasilis Saleas - Olon
No one has ever done crafts looking this cool. 

Raphael Van Ambros - Tobacco Seller (1891)Fresh, hand rolled cigarettes on the spot! Who needs Marlboro?! Jokes aside, the detail on this oil painting is absolutely brilliant.

Rudolph Soboda-The Carpet Seller
What's sold is sold, elly beyroo7 mabyerga3sh!

Jean Leon Gerome - The Saddle BazaarCenturies pass, things come and go, but chess is absolutely timeless. I can't help but wonder what that guy's smoking back there.

 Jean-Jules-Antoine Lecomte du Nouy - The SentinelHit that shit, grandpa!

John Frederick Lewis - Edfu, Upper Egypt (1860)"Tuesday is their hump day, Dave. Ours is every day. I wish we were cats instead,"

Joseph Austin Benwell - Halt for prayer under Mount Horeb (1868)Are we there yet ?!

Jean Leon Gerome - Prayer on the Housetops (1865)
It's always nice to get a change of scenery every now and then


Main image: Peder Mork Monsted - 1859