Wednesday February 8th, 2023
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36 Kilos of Cow Brain Confiscated at Cairo Airport

After searching the luggage of a Sudanese passenger arriving at Cairo Airport, authorities found and confiscated 36 kilos of cow brain.

Staff Writer

Apparently a shortage of cow brain exists in the Egyptian market since a passenger arriving from Khartoum was caught smuggling 36 kilos of it inside his luggage. The cow brain was neutralised by chemicals, as to not spoil during the flight. Airport authorities said that they sometimes seize the same item since meat and offal are cheaper in Sudan.

According to The Cairo Post, airport officials said that they had repeatedly told airlines - especially the ones operating from Africa - to not allow passengers boarding flights to Egypt to pack such items. Officials also said that the importing of meat is only done according to certain standards and measures in coordination with the Ministry of Agriculture.

Cow brain is a traditional meal here in Egypt, it is eaten in sandwiches with tahini and other condiments. Egyptian restaurants also offer cow tongue, tail, eyes, testicles, heart, and lungs, amongst other offal.