Monday December 11th, 2023
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Abla Fahita - Public Enemy No.1

All these years, we just thought Abla Fahita was a sassy, fun-loving puppet. We were wrong.

Staff Writer

By now everyone's heard the story, right? Egypt is under threat by a terrorist organisation run by a puppet hired by a mobile operator, according to a man who calls himself Ahmed Spider.

Yeah, read that sentence again. We built the pyramids, and then this happened. There is no point about talking about anything in between, that is the scale of our country. Pyramids - Puppet Terrorists. Actually, you could put spy duck in between there somewhere.

Wannabe artist/conspiracy theorist, Ahmed Spider, vowed to jail Abla Fahita during a verbal exchange with the well-known puppet late Wednesday on CBC, shortly after filing a complaint against Vodafone Egypt over an online ad that he says reveals details of a bombing.

He said in the latest Vodafone commercial the ad featured a shiny cactus instead of a Christmas tree, which he saw as a threat of violence. The cactus had four fingers — like the pro-Brotherhood Rabaa sign.

Vodafone actually took the time to respond describing the accusations as "Irrational". 

In other news, Big Bird has announced he will be running for presidency in the next elections and also traces of LSD found in most Egyptian mineral water.