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Al-Jazeera Trial Judge: LOL

The judge presiding over the controversial case of three Al-Jazeera staff dismisses irrelevant footage posed by the prosecution today in court...

With the ridiculous sentences being given out, it is hard to believe that our justice system functions properly. Obviously it is hard to detail all of its flaws, as very rarely are court proceedings televised. However, today at the infamous trial of Al Jazeera journalists Peter Greste, Mohammed Fahmy, and Baher Mohammed, who won a small victory when the judge dismissed video evidence presented by the prosecution.

The footage introduced as evidence was a video clips that included a documentary on Somalia, a Kenyan press conference, as well as wildlife video. How any of this could be considered evidence is beyond us, as the three journalist are being charged for providing a platform for the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood. The evidence sparked outrage as Fahmy shouted from behind bars that “this is a joke!”

Thankfully, the judge was impartial enough to realise how silly and irrelevant the footage was and officially dismissed the videos. The trial was adjourned until April 22nd, and even though anything can happen, today must seem like the first time these three can see a light at the end of their dreadful tunnel.