Friday February 23rd, 2024
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Alexandrian Struggles Continue as Four Drinking Water Plants Break Down

Things continue to get worse for Alexandria. If floods and building collapses weren't enough to handle, now comes the news that four of their drinking water plants have broken down.

Staff Writer

From streets paralysed by floods to buildings collapsing due to floods, Alexandria’s problems continue to get worse as news is emerging that not one, but four of Alexandria’s water plants have broken down on Tuesday.

The statement comes via a press statement released by Chairman of the Alexandria Drinking Water Company, Ahmed Gaber, who believes that the four plants stopped functioning because the drainage network couldn’t bear the amount of rainwater.

According to the statement released by Chairman Gaber, “We conducted tests on the water of the four plants and found a high level of salinity...resulting in water that does not conform to standards.” The breakdown of these four plants is believed to affect one third of Alexandria's water needs; the Chairman stresses that they are trying to solve the problem as soon as possible.

This news will continue to add frustrations to Alexandria residents who in the past weeks of have had their lives come to a halt as the city faced erratic weather resulting in floods and fatalites. Despite efforts to quickly repair the damage, the city faces a myriad of problems that seem to only be getting worse by the day. The only silver lining, if any, is that this situation was caught before residents noticed that their drinking water is undrinkable, demonstrating that those in charge are starting to identify problems before they become disasters.

At this time our thoughts and prayers remain with Alexandrians who deservingly need a break from this nightmare, and hope for a speedy recovery.