Saturday 26 of November, 2022
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Your Travel Pal: Transforming The Way We Travel

No need to pack the kitchen sink for your upcoming trip; Your Travel Pal's nifty new bag helps you pack your essentials so you can travel with ease.

Staff Writer
London; Sao Paulo; Los Angeles? Fayyoum; Dahab; Aswan? Where would you love to go? We've got the travel bug and, whether it's across the ocean or right here at home, we're always big supporters of anyone who opts to pack their bags and go on an adventure. When it comes to actually packing our bags, though, we're undeniably Egyptian. You can spot an Egyptian at the airport by the amount of unnecessary suitcases they're piling up beside them. Guilty. Cue Your Travel Pal and their genius new travel bag.

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Travelling is an incredible opportunity that anyone should seize, which is exactly what Hussein El-Terawy, the world explorer behind Your Travel Pal, has come to believe through his past five years of travel experience. "My first trip was to Texas for a family emergency, but then I went to Los Angeles. My mind was blown," tells El-Terawy. "I realised how stupid we are, wasting our money on material things to impress other people while we could be investing it in experiences where we can enjoy ourselves." The sights and sounds of Los Angeles will inspire some crazy ideas, that's for sure. Since then, El-Terawy has travelled to 30 countries, 63 cities, and did his Masters for two years at the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom. 
Determined to spread the travel bug and push people to realise the change that comes from experiencing different cultures and traditions, El-Terawy took to Instagram to inspire people to travel and, in June of this year, Your Travel Pal was born. Having earned himself a following for his many adventures, El-Terawy discovered a gap in the travel market that he was intent on filling. "I had the plan of making creative travel products from the very beginning," says El-Terawy, "I felt that there's no true travel store where you could shop before travelling; most of them are extremely expensive or bad material."
Having come across a toiletries bag while at the Flying Pig Hostel in Amsterdam, El-Terawy was struck with inspiration. He put his creative talents to work and designed a new product; the travel bag that makes your entire traveling experience easier. No need to pack the kitchen sink; Your Travel Pal fits your travel necessities - eight shirts, two pants, one pair of shorts, five pairs of underwear, and five pairs of socks. According to El-Terawy, who tested the product himself as he travelled to Jordan, this one-of-a-kind product is enough to accompany you on any seven-day adventure. 
This nifty travel bag is the first of many creative and practical product ideas that Your Travel Pal intends on releasing. "My main aim is to develop an online platform and app that will change the way people travel," El-Terawy tells us. "This app is under construction and I hope I can pitch my idea in Silicon Valley." We hope to see Your Travel Pal and its creative products make it to Silicon Valley - a great excuse for El-Terawy to take another trip to California. Until then, where in the world is Waldo? We know El-Terawy has plans to travel again soon - you'll be sure to find scenic snaps of him and Your Travel Pal on their next adventure on Instagram and Facebook.