Thursday December 7th, 2023
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Amazon Officially Acquires the Middle East's Biggest Online Retailer

After months of negotiations, news has emerged that the American giant has officially won the bid to acquire the Middle East's biggest internet retailer.

Staff Writer

According to a press release by earlier today, a final deal has been reached between the American internet retailer giant and the UAE-based Both internet retailers have been in talks to reach a final agreement since January. However, reportedly received a counter-offer earlier this week from Emaar Malls Group, which it apparently didn't consider. CEO, Ronaldo Mouchawar, believes that "By becoming part of the Amazon family, we'll be able to vastly expand our delivery capabilities and customer selection much faster, as well as continue Amazon's great track record of empowering sellers."

"Amazon and share the same DNA – we’re both driven by customers, invention, and long-term thinking,” says Amazon Senior Vice President Russ Grandinetti.

The acquisition is expected to be completed later this year.