Sunday 27 of November, 2022
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Austrian Detained For Taking Pictures At The Suez Canal

An Austrian citizen has been detained by Egyptian authorities for allegedly taking photos of vital sites around the Suez Canal.

Staff Writer

An Austrian citizen has been detained by Port Said prosecution for four days after being caught taking photos of Egypt’s Suez Canal. Al-Ahram Online alleges that, according to the prosecution, an Austrian man was caught taking photos of vital sites and security services in the governorate on Monday. Upon questioning, the Austrian national alleges that he works as a security consultant for a German company seeking investment in Egypt. The prosecution also alleges that the man claims to have been assigned by the unnamed company to provide a report on the security status of multiple Egyptian governorates, and that a representative from the Austrian embassy was present during the interrogation.

Believed to be in his forties, the man was caught while allegedly taking photos of Port Said’s port, stationed security services guarding customs, and the airport. As it stands the man’s recording equipment has been confiscated and he is expected to be detained for four days pending further investigation. There is no official word on the matter from the Austrian embassy, but further information is expected in the coming days.