Saturday April 20th, 2024
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Breaking: Egypt Prosecutor General Killed in Bomb Blast

Hisham Barakat's convoy was attacked this morning, resulting in his death.

Staff Writer

Breaking: Egypt Prosecutor General Killed in Bomb Blast

Reports have emerged that Prosecutor General Hisham Barakat has been killed by a deadly bomb blast that targeted his convoy late this morning, 29th June. Justice Minister Ahmed al-Zind told AFP news agency that he had died of his injuries in hospital. 

The explosion caused an internal bleeding in Barakat's lung and stomach which shortly led to his death, as well as, ruptures to his nose and left shoulder. 

The bomb that detonated near the Military Academy in Heliopolis also injured two drivers, one civilian, and five members of the security forces. The 'Giza Popular Resistance' militant group have announced that they are responsible for the Heliopolis explosion on their Facebook page, but officials haven't confirmed the authenticity of this claim yet.