Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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Calling Egypt's Women Unfaithful Costs Taymour El Sobky Three Years in Jail

Taymour el Sobky has been sentenced to three years in jail, in addition to hard labour, for saying Egyptian women are ‘prone to degeneracy’.

Staff Writer

In an uncommon and perhaps comical turn of events, an Egyptian man, Taymour el Sobky, was sentenced to three years in prison, in addition to hard labour, for stating that Egyptian women were unfaithful, according to CNN.

As administrator of the Facebook page titled The Diary of a Suffering Man, Sobky made a statement in December during a television show that "30 percent of women have a readiness for immorality…but cannot find someone to encourage them," according to the same source.

The news of Sobky’s sentence was received with enthusiasm and encouragement by many in the now-known case of ‘slandering women of Egypt’, according to Youm7. One of the comments by Ahmad Hanafi, a blogger, sarcastically reassured the soon-to-be-jailed Sobky that it was for his own safety that he was imprisoned, as the people of Upper Egypt would have not have let him go without avenging themselves. 

Other bloggers disagreed with the way the issue has been handled only because such coverage served to give more attention to someone so ‘frivolous’ who should not have been taken seriously.

This coincides at a time when different social media outlets are claiming that a video, allegedly showing Sobky in women's attire and belly dancing, has taken over the Internet, according to Laha Magazine.

Later, during investigations, the defendant did not deny that he had made those statements, but that he was misunderstood as he was not trying to offend the women of Upper Egypt, according to Laha Magazine.

Sobky did not deny saying that 45 percent of women whose husbands leave the country for work are prone to degeneracy, but added that "I did not say that the women of Upper Egypt were degenerates or that they cheat on their husbands; I only said that it was possible that they do. This does not mean that they philander, but that they talk to strangers through the phone or other media."

It is worth noting that authorities suspended the show 15 days after complaints were filed against the incident, according to BBC Arabic.