Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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Coffee, Conversation & Inspiration

Can a little chat really change your life? Muhammad M. Mansour thinks so and he's meeting up with budding entrepreneurs every week to talk them into their dreams.

Staff Writer

Muhammad M. Mansour, known as TripleM in the online world, is out to change Egypt, one chat at a time. Over coffee. No, he’s not a therapist, he’s a self-proclaimed ‘internet evangelist’. “Since the revolution, people have been focused only on the problems. I’m trying to encourage people to look for solutions,” he says, popping into the MO4 offices yesterday. How is he doing that? A business development manager with a strong background in online development and technology, Mansour has been organising weekly meetings to inspire, encourage and assist budding internet entrepreneurs.

Internet entrepreneurs hard at work.
Mansour started his endeavour by creating a Facebook group called Coffee and Conversation with #TripleM. Through this simple medium and thanks to his own connections in the internet and technology business, he began organising informal meetings with young people across the country. At these coffee meetings, anyone with an idea or an ambition has a chance to discuss their plans with people with similar interests, as well as professionals that Mansour brings along as guests.
Coffee and Conversation with TripleM.

“Though the exchange of ideas is the most important part of these meetings, there’s also a practical use,” explains Mansour. Networking is key for any budding businessman or woman, and Mansour does his best to connect the attendees with relevant people in the industry. Whether you’re looking for a web developer, copywriter or even an investor, he can help you reach the people you need to make your internet dream a reality. “Finally, people are giving attention to the online world in Egypt and we have lots and lots of potential here,” he says. “Start-up companies should not be dismissed, and entrepreneurship is going to be key to our country’s economic development.”

For more information follow @TripleM and check out the Coffee and Conversation with #TripleM Facebook group