Saturday May 25th, 2024
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Are Chocolate Chip Cookies 'Vanilla?' This Cloud Bakery Says No

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Ziyad El-Helbawy

Are Chocolate Chip Cookies 'Vanilla?' This Cloud Bakery Says No

When Ali Samer, a 35 year old Syrian photographer living in Cairo, moved out of his family home just around four years ago, taking on new adventurous challenges in the kitchen was only a matter of time. But what Samer didn’t know was that these pastimes in the kitchen were the first flicker of a soon-to-be newfound flaming passion, setting forth a series of events that would bring his cloud bakery, Lilo’s, to life.

“I started discovering more and more about myself in the kitchen; I started cooking and baking and realized I was passionate about the craft. I’d invite friends over to have them try out the things I’d make and they loved them.”  Lilo’s Founder and Chief Executive Baker tells SceneEats.

Just opened for business this October, Lilo's has already made a name for itself with its premium cookies and homey origin story. Samer knew he was onto something special when friends couldn't get enough of his creations, "my cookies were a hit and I figured, why not keep making them?" 

Armed with a passion for baking and a background in photography, Samer launched Lilo's with an intimate online store delivering classic cookies across Cairo, “one day I tried a recipe with belgian chocolate, the batch was so good I just knew I had to have everyone experience it.” 

Lilo’s initial lineup presents timeless classics like chocolate chip alongside indulgent varieties such as double Belgian chocolate and dark Belgian chocolate. However, Samer consistently explores new flavors and combinations, teasing three innovative offerings set to debut soon (here’s a sneak peek: think coffee, crème brûlée, and dried strawberry).

With a crispy exterior and a gooey center, Lilo’s cookies—endorsed by tried, tested, and trusted patrons—are a harmonious blend of sweetness, just in time for the holiday season. Picture cozy moments with a plate of cookies and a glass of milk. Speaking of the holidays, keep an eye out for upcoming festive variations.

Though currently a small-team endeavor, Lilo’s is steadily expanding, propelled by Samer's homemade cookies and unwavering commitment. By sourcing only the finest imported ingredients for his delectable baked goods, Samer is leading a 'cookie revolution,' offering deliveries across Cairo.