Wednesday July 24th, 2024
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Egypt's Funniest Videos

Some of Egypt's influential politicians were caught red-handed suggesting that we go to war with Ethiopia. Or worse - hold a film festival there.

Staff Writer

Egypt's Funniest Videos

If you are ever awake late at night, you may be privy to the  funniest moment in televisions. Sometimes people fall over, sometimes they say stupid things, sometimes their pants drop unexpectedly. Anyone watching state TV last night might have seen something even funnier.

During a live broadcast of discussions between different political parties, you would be forgiven for thinking that Channel One had just launched its own comedy hour.  Seemingly unaware that the cameras were rolling live, some politicians came up with the following suggestions regarding Ethiopia’s building of a dam on the Blue Nile:

1)      Let’s arm the Ethiopian rebels and get them to take down the government.

2)      Let’s start a rumour that we will attack Ethiopia with our army.

3)      Let’s have a film festival in Ethiopia to promote bilateral relations.

We would love to say this is a satirical article, but unfortunately this actually happened.  It turns out that participants assumed the cameras would only broadcast part of the discussions. The talks gave an amazing insight into who's in charge right now and how they think and that’s no laughing matter. But it is kind of funny.

Check out ONTV's coverage: