Friday 3 of February, 2023
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Egypt Aims to Build World's Tallest Structure with Alexandria’s New Lighthouse Tower

Alexandria's governor, Mohamed Abd El Zaher, unveiled today the plans to surpass Burj Khalifa and build the "world's tallest tower."

Staff Writer

The governor of Alexandria, Mohamed Abd El Zaher, announced plans to build the world’s tallest tower, in a project that will be inspired by Alexandria’s ancient lighthouse. According to Youm7, Abd El Zaher said that the building, which would surpass Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, is part of a wider plan to renovate Alexandria’s downtown, in an effort to boost visits to the Mediterranean city and revive tourism.

The announcement comes shortly after Emirati developer Emaar revealed their plan to build a new tower that will stand a ‘notch’ taller than 830-metre Burj Khalifa. In what appears to be a race for 2020, Saudi Arabia had stated earlier that it is currently building a one-kilometre tower in Jeddah. The governorate of Alexandria is carrying out feasibility studies, aimed at analysing a joint effort to build the structure with private investors, Egyptian Streets reported. The height of Alexandria's new tower, however, has not yet been specified. 

Alexandria’s Great Lighthouse, destroyed in 1323, was historically one of the tallest buildings, stretching out to approximately 137 metres tall.