Saturday May 25th, 2024
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Egypt Court Sentences Morsi to Death

Hours after the verdict was issued, three Egyptian judges were killed by gunmen on a bus in the Sinai Peninsula.

Staff Writer

Egypt Court Sentences Morsi to Death

Ousted President Mohamed Morsi has been sentenced to death for fleeing prison during the 2011 uprising against then President Hosny Mubarak. Judge Shaaban el-Shami issued the ruling Saturday on Morsi and 100 others including Brotherhood spiritual leader, Mohamed Badie, and former Parliament speaker, Mohamed Saad el-Katatni. The Grand Mufti, Egypt’s religious authority is scheduled to give their non-binding opinion by June 2nd.

Hours after the verdict was issued, four people were killed including three Egyptian judges on a bus in Sinai. It is unclear if this was a retaliation to the verdict but Egyptian authorities blame violence in Sinai on the Muslim brotherhood.

The United States has expressed “deep concern” on the court’s decision. That being said, Egypt and the US remain close allies with President Barack Obama having lifted a hold on arms supply and authorising deliveries of US weapons valued at more than $1.3bn.