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Egypt Inaugurates ‘Mobile Police Stations’

As three Egyptian detainees died in uncertain conditions across different police stations, Egypt's Ministry of Interior incorporates mobile presence.

The Ministry of Interior announced plans for mobile police stations to deal with civilian concerns, in a context tainted by the death of three prisoners in the past five days, all of them in police stations.  

According to Daily News Egypt, between October 12-14, three prisoners died in Tanta, Qalyubia, and Gharbia. The family of 28-year-old prisoner Sameh Gaber, who was arrested for theft, accused police personnel in Tanta of torturing him to death, while dozens of relatives protested the incident at the public mortuary. The newspaper reports that deaths in detention often remain unreported unless the situation escalates – that is, when relatives hold protests.

The announcement was also made as calls for a massive protest on November 11th are voiced in the streets, and on social media. While the campaign, allegedly called “the revolution of the underprivileged,” has gathered 55,000 people who reportedly have an interest in the demonstration, Egypt’s president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi dismissed the protest.

In an interview held with national newspapers, the statesman said that Egyptians are aware of the “forces of evil” conspiring against Egypt, and that they will not be deceived by foreign forces, Daily News reported.