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Breaking: Interior Minister and 7 Others Replaced

In a new cabinet reshuffle, President Sisi has replaced the controversial Mohamed Ibrahim, alongside a slew of other ministerial changes.

News is breaking that Mohamed Ibrahim has been removed from his post as Egypt's Interior Minister in a cabinet reshuffle.

Appointed in a similar cabinet reshuffle in January 2013, Ibrahim is one of the few ministers who kept his position after the removal of Mohamed Morsi. Since then he has become a highly controversial figure that is often blamed for the heavy-handed security crackdown against state opponents. Calls for his removal by recently reached a fevered pitch after the killing of activist Shaimaa El Sabbagh on the eve of the fourth anniversary of the January 25th uprising. Taking up Ibrahim’s vanquished post will be Major General Magdi Abdel-Ghaffar, whose experience involves heading the National Security Sector in 2011, and was also responsible for directing ports.

Ibrahim is not the only minister replaced today. According to, it has also been announced that Mohamed Yousef will become the new Minister for Technical Education and Training, Salah elDin Helal as the Minister of Agriculture, Abd el Wahed el Nabawy Abd el Wahed as Minister of Culture, Hala Yousef as Minister of State for Family and Population, Moheb Mahmoud Kamel El Refae as Minister of Education, Khaled Negm as Minister of Communication, and Khaled Ramy as Minister of Tourism. 

Photograph by Mohamed Samaha