Monday May 29th, 2023
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Egypt Ranks Nearly Dead Last on Quality of Life Index

Only ranked higher than Mongolia, Vietnam and Venezuela, Egypt is 83rd out of 86 countries surveyed by Numbeo.

Staff Writer

So it’s no secret that quality of life in Egypt isn’t exact stellar. Fine, we have come to accept that as fact. We know we will never feast upon organic unicorns and breathe in air that is pure and clean and has been filtered through golden grates. We will never feel entirely safe while strolling through the streets. Whatever, it’s cool. We have the Pyramids.

But Numbeo released its Quality of Life Index for Countries in 2015 this week. Out of 86 countries, Venezuela came in last, found to have the worst quality of life. Egypt came in three spaces above it. Now we didn’t expect to be in the upper echelons of this list, but we certainly didn’t expect to come in nearly dead last. Only Mongolia, Vietnam, and Venezuela were ranked as worse than us when it comes to quality of life. Cambodia beat us. 

Numbeo is the world’s largest database of user-generated content about cities and countries, garnered from online surveys, not official government reports. So perhaps they’re off? Also, only 86 countries were surveyed. Switzerland, Germany, and Sweden nabbed the top three spots. in case you were wondering And Egypt came in 83rd .Out of 86 countries.