Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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Egyptian Doctor Jailed for Allegedly Practicing Homosexuality

Once again, Egypt decides they must police Cairo's bedrooms, and have arrested and sentenced an Egyptian doctor to a year in prison for allegedly being a homosexual.

Staff Writer

It’s another dark day for the LGBTQ community in Egypt, as reports emerge that an unnamed Egyptian doctor has been sentenced to one year in prison by a Cairo court for allegedly ‘practicing homosexual activity’.

Breaking the story is Youm7, who claim that an investigation launched by the prosecutor in the case had uncovered that the doctor had started a WhatsApp group to attract anyone who ‘wants to practice immorality’ intending to ‘practice debauchery’.

Alerting the prosecution to the case, according to Youm7, were the ‘morality police’ who had received information about the doctor’s sexuality.

Technically, there is no specific law that prohibits homosexuality; however, several members of the LGBTQ community have been arrested and sentenced under the guise of ‘inciting debauchery’. Every time a case like this emerges, it often grabs global attention and condemnation, with the most recent example being the arrest of 26 men in an Egyptian ‘gay’ bathhouse raided and captured on film by reporter Mona Iraqi.

The 26 men were acquitted of all charges and, in an uncharacteristic turn of events, Mona Iraqi, who televised the raid, was handed a prison sentence, but was acquitted of the charges of defaming and spreading lies a few months later.