Monday December 11th, 2023
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Egyptian Government: Uber and Careem Will Stay in Egypt

In response to taxi driver protests, the Egyptian government emphasizes the importance of Uber and Careem services in Egypt and launches committee to standardise services.

Staff Writer

To the deep dismay of the ill-famed taxi drivers of Egypt, the Egyptian government has stated the importance of keeping the services of Uber and Careem in Egypt, according to Youm7.

This incident comes after hundreds of taxi drivers began a strike in Mostafa Mahmoud Square in Giza on Monday, protesting the aforementioned applications, and demanding the government to shut them down, according to Ahram Online. They called on the President Sisi to interfere as they claimed that "we won’t leave until the applications are shut down completely." The protest, which was the cause behind road closures, was allegedly dispersed using tear gas against the protestors, according to a protesting taxi driver. 

In response to the issue, Ambassador Hossam Al-Qawish, Cabinet Spokesperson, stated through an on-air phone call to Youm Bi Youm television program, that a legal committee – headed by the Minister of Justice – has been created in the aim of standardising taxi company conditions, according to Youm7

Al-Qawish said that the quality of the service provided by the white taxi has been drastically deteriorating in regards to the working conditions of the cars and the spreading case of the inactivity of the metres. "The Ministry of Interior will deal with this situation," Al-Qawish stated, "as this is unacceptable and prohibited. But we reassure white taxi drivers that their incomes and conditions shall be preserved. With that in mind, the government emphasises the importance of standardising Uber and Careem’s services," according to Youm7.

Al-Qawish also discussed the importance of preserving the services of such companies in the Egyptian market, given that they provide a special service rarely enjoyed by the taxi users and much needed in Egypt.