Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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Egyptian Romeo & Juliet Share Same Fate After Parents Refuse Marriage

After her parents rejected her suitor, a young woman from Beheira jumped from her balcony, prompting the love of her life to also commit suicide.

Staff Writer

Proving to be as tragic as the classic Shakespearean tale, a young couple in Beheira both committed suicide after the girl’s family refused the marriage proposal from the young man.

The girl, who remains unnamed, pleaded with her family, but unfortunately to no avail. Unwilling to accept a life without her love, the girl jumped off the balcony of her home. Sadly, she died in hospital from her injuries. Upon hearing the heartbreaking news, her soul mate couldn’t handled a life without her, and followed suit by jumping into the Mahmoudiya Canal near the hospital resulting in the same fate.

Parents rejecting marriage is unfortunately all too common in Egypt as typically the male must meet a set of requirements that include; having a degree in an accepted field, having the money to purchase and furnish the couple’s home, as well as making sure he is from a ‘good’ family. The requirements are nearly impossible to meet for young men, with a majority having to rely on parents to foot the bill. This further divides Egypt’s classes as many prefer to marry their children to families of similar social stature.

According to reports by a rights organisation, up until July, 167 people had committed suicide this year. When compared to the rest of the world the numbers of cases are low compared especially when factoring in Egypt’s massive population.