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Egyptians' Path Out of Iraq

Egyptians caught in the crossfire of the escalating crisis in Iraq are being encouraged to go to the embassy and seek a safe way out.

Looking to help Egyptians caught in the crisis in Iraq, the Egyptian Foreign Ministry announced on Wednesday the creation of an around-the-clock task force that will be looking to receive communications from Egyptians living in the Iraqi city of Mosul. Any Egyptians caught in the crossfire than should directly go or contact the Egyptian embassy in Baghdad, who will be opening its doors to all Egyptians wishing to return home.

The situation in Iraq is dire, and shows no signs of getting better after a group of radical Sunni militants, called the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), seized control of Mosul, sending thousands of citizens fleeing the area. The group is against the central government, led by Shiite president Nuri al-Maliki. The violence has reached a fevered pitch that is reminiscent of the violent sectarian violence that resulted in the aftermath of the US invasion of the country.

Egyptians caught in the violent clashes are now encouraged to go to the embassy where they will be provided with a safe way out.