Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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Entrepreneurial Revolutionaries

MO4's (CairoScene’s mothership) co-founder Amy Mowafi would like to thank Egypt’s revolutionaries... but not the usual suspects...

Staff Writer

It was my birthday yesterday and I’d like to thank the 30 million Egyptians who made yesterday the best birthday ever.

But amidst all the back-patting and face-slapping, the congratulations and condolences, the coup-or-not-coup, the social media hyperbole and traditional media frenzy, I’d also like to give a big shout out to a segment of the community that so rarely gets talked about amidst all the politicking and revolutionary theorising…

I’m going to keep this short, and hopefully sweet: I’d like to offer a big hearty THANK YOU to all the young Egyptian entrepreneurs (some of which I'm fortunate enough to work with, be friends with and be inspired by, daily) who stuck it out in Egypt for the past couple of years.

Those who invested in this country, employed people, and took risks when the country looked to be imploding. Who, to paraphrase the poem, kept their heads when everyone else was losing theirs and fucking off to pastures proverbially greener.

And yes, the future still looks a little murky, and maybe (God forbid) dangerous, but for those who kept the faith, who put their money (literally) where their mouths are, who WORKED for Egypt while others tweeted about it, who had the choice to leave, but chose to STAY, I know, I KNOW the rewards will be plentiful, and the possibilities endless. This is OUR time. Stay strong, stay passionate, stay patriotic. GOD BLESS EGYPT.