Thursday 2 of February, 2023
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IDF Fire Tear Gas at Palestinian Santas

A group of Palestinian protestors dressed like Santa Claus and handing out gifts in Bethlehem found themselves attacked by Israeli security forces.

Staff Writer

In context of the ongoing turmoil in Palestine, the holiday season is an odd situation to manoeuvre. In what seemed to be an attempt to lighten the mood, a small group of Palestinian demonstrators, dressed up as Santa Claus, held a peaceful march on Tuesday in Bethlehem, meeting at a checkpoint to protest the Israeli occupation.

The West Bank city and famed birthplace of Jesus, saw the Santa Clauses reportedly protest peacefully in the city, as well as hand out Christmas presents to children there, a day before the Christmas celebrations kicked off. However, the situation which started off peacefully, quickly turned sour as the protestors and Israeli army clashed. The IDF, who claim the Santas threw rocks at security forces, quickly retaliated with riot dispersion tactics, throwing tear gas grenades at the crowd.