Wednesday February 8th, 2023
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Judge Resigns Amidst Sexual Bribery Accusations

Judge Ramy Abdel Hady has stepped down from his position after three Syrian women accused him of accepting sexual bribes.

Staff Writer

Accusations of a judicial sex scandal are being leveled against the head of the misdemeanours, Judge Ramy Abdel Hady, for demanding sexual favours in exchange for rulings, leading to his resignation on Tuesday according to both Al-Masry Al-Youm and MBC.

Judge Ramy Abdel Hady has been involved in several high profile rulings, most notably the raiding of the Itahedeya Palace, finding popular TV presenter Ahmed Moussa not guilty for insulting head of the El Masreen El Ahrar party, and refusing to look at the case of five female students jailed for five years and fined 100,000LE for being Brotherhood sympathisers. Needless to say there is no shortage of controversial rulings, however reports are emerging that the latest alleged sex scandal is too great to overcome resulting in his resignation.

On the MBC program Yahdoth Fe Masr, TV host Sherif Amer stated that the judge is being accused of receiving sexual bribes in the case of three Syrian ladies. Public Prosecution is looking into the case and alleges that the judge resigned after public prosecution decided to launch an investigation into the matter. According to Ahram Online, the Supreme Judicial Council got involved on Saturday evening, holding an emergency meeting to lift Abdel Hady’s judicial immunity.

The story remains shrouded in somewhat of a mystery as the women leveling the accusation claims to have recordings of the despicable offer, however neither their name nor tapes have surfaced in media reports. As one would imagine, Abdel Hady has denied the allegations against him telling Ahram that the accusations are unfounded and merely a ploy by the Muslim Brotherhood to launch a campaign to tarnish his image over his decision to acquit television host Ahmed Moussa for slander. However, as activist Mohamed Salah points out on Facebook “It’s not just that he ruled that Ahmed Moussa was innocent, this man imprisoned many youth and students in the cases he presided over.”

It is hard to confirm the truth when very little on the matter has been disclosed. Either the Brotherhood are launching and unfounded and slanderous campaign against judicial members in attempt to discredit them for their harsh rulings. Or, the judge is a despicable man that needs to be held accountable for sexualising justice. In the meantime, we will reserve judgement until the investigation details come to light.