Friday 2 of December, 2022
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The Four Fat Ladies Bakery Opens in Diplo!

Sahel just got sweeter as everyone's favourite all-American bakery just opened its doors on the coast.

Staff Writer

A summer vacation in Sahel is almost a ritualistic practice for some, incorporating a to-do list that must be fulfilled. Beach: check! Pool party: check! Endless bottles of alcohol: check! Fresca: check! Gandofli: Check! More beer: Check! And finally dinner when the sun’s out and a long nap to follow... Nowadays though, with more and more Cairo menus coming over to our summer destinations, our food and dining options are on a constant rise in Sahel. But we'll tell you one thing though; with the exhilaration that comes with our daily dose of sun, sea and sand there’s never, ever, EVER enough of the sweet stuff. We're talking quality desserts, people. Enter the incredibly yum-fueled bakery, The Four Fat Ladies; the unrelenting answer to our cravings for top-notch cookies, cakes, fudge and pies. Opening a branch in Sahel today, they're bringing their most popular baked goodies and classic cakes to where all the action is this summer.

Already excited and quite confident about their destination, The Four Fat Ladies bakery, now located at the third entrance of Diplo, Sidi Abdel Rahman (next to TBS), are sure to create a central attraction point for dessert lovers situated across the North Coast. So drool no further over their once-distant menu because they’re once again a short drive away. Give ‘em a buzz on 0127 001 1701, they’re open and ready for orders.

Find out more about the Four Fat Ladies here.