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Kuwait Executes 7 Prisoners, Including a Member of the Royal Family and 2 Egyptians

On Wednesday it was announced that Kuwait executed 7 prisoners, including a member of the royal family and two Egyptians.

Word quickly spread around the globe of Kuwait’s first mass execution of seven prisoners in several years, including a royal family member and two Egyptians on Wednesday.

According to state-run KUNA news agency, the seven prisoners executed were all involved in murders with the exception of one Bangladeshi who was convicted for kidnapping, rape, and theft. Also among the executed were two Egyptians convicted for premeditated murders, as well as a Kuwaiti woman who was convicted for killing 58 women and children after setting a wedding tent on fire.

Coming as a rare surprise and dominating the global headlines is that Faisal Abdullah Al Jaber Al Sabah, a member of the royal family was executed for killing his nephew Basil Al Sabah in 2010.

Immediately after the executions, Amnesty International released a statement strongly opposing the death penalty. According to Amnesty official Samah Hadid, “By choosing to resume executions now, the Kuwaiti authorities have displayed a wanton disregard for the right to life and signalled a willingness to weaken human rights standards.”

The last execution to take place in Kuwait occurred in 2013.

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