Thursday December 7th, 2023
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Live Updates: Sit-In Clear-Out

Egypt woke up to the news that pro-Morsi sit-ins in El Nahda and Raba'a Adaweya Squares are being cleared. We'll be updating this article as the events unfold.

Staff Writer

19:40 - Safwat Hegazy, Mohamed El Beltagy, Ahmed Aref and Essam el Eryan have been arrested (State TV)

19:30 - State TV: Curfew is postponed and shall start at 9 pm today until 6 am.

19:05 - Minster of education announces that high school exams have been postponed for a week.

18:47 - State TV reports anyone who disrespects the curfew will be taken to prison.

18:47 - Health Ministry say 5 killed and 40 injured in #Suez

18:45 - Translation of El Baradei's resignation letter:

This here is my letter of resignation, and I pray to God all mighty that he keep this country safe and that the people achieve their goals and that we do not lose the gains we have garnered from the revolution on the 25th of January, 2011, those gains that have forced a great deal of sacrifice from the people so they can live with democracy, justice and freedom. I have participated as much as I can, and I've kept preaching for all these ideologies pre and post Jan 25, and I will remain as loyal to these ideologies as I am loyal to this country and it's people, whose progress I believe shall not come except from a completely secular state that has no religious affiliations. However, religious parties who hide behind Religious views have managed to oppose that and have managed to rise to power for a year that was undoubtedly one of the worst years in Egyptian history, and which have led to a lot of strife and sectarian conflicts. 

 Therefore, it was desired that the June 30th movement would put an end to this strife and this division and put the country on the right track, the track to achieving the goals of the revolution, and this is what encouraged me to accept the Rebel movement's invitations to join the ruling party. However, that was not the case, as the country has plunged into an even deeper state of violence and segregation. Violence begets violence. 
And as you all know, I have had views on how to disperse those protests in a peaceful manner, and many suggestions as to how we can begin a National reconciliation. But, after today, I think reconciliation will come but only after we pay a very high price for a long time. 
Therefore, it's become increasingly hard for me to bear the responsibility of actions I do not agree with, decisions with conscequences I fear and i cannot be responsible for a single drop of blood that will be shed. The only ones who benefit from today's events are the terrorists and the anarchists and the extremists, and you will do well to remember what I said. May God save and Bless Egypt and it's people. 

18:16 - Prime minister's office says journalists are exempt from curfew in statement.

18:08 - Central bank announce that banks are closed tomorrow.

17:51 - Vice President MohamedEl Baradei resigns after clashes.

17:39 - Health Ministry report 149 killed and 1403 injured in clashes today. Muslim Brotherhood claiming 2,000 killed.

17:35 - FJP have called on the international community to stop the violence.

17:06 - Brotherhood spokesman says most MB leadership is outside Raba'a, because their presence would “endanger" other protesters.

16:55 - Breaking News: Curfew officially declared from 7pm - 6am in Cairo, Giza, Sinai, Alexandria, Suez, Fayoum, Beni Soueif, Assiut, Minya, Beheira and Sohag.

16:43 - According to State TV: Gunfire taking place around the Engineering College in Cairo.

16:40 - Nuns pictured hiding on rooftops as Assuit church torched. Photo via @MariaaneMagd:

16:32 - Military beginning to deploy according to Al Masry Al Youm.

16:27 - Torah prison is allegedly under attack, according to Al Arabia TV.

16:15 - Reports coming in of more attacks on Coptics citizens and businesses. Here's a photo of a fire set in a shop owned by a Coptic Egyptian in El Minya governorate, via @MarianneMagd.

16:07 - Reports that 86 police officers have been injured, 4 killed in today's clashes.

16:03 - Bible Society in Cairo has been burnt and destroyed by MB. Via Bishop Anba Suriel @BishopSuriel 

15:56 - Ministry of Health: Death toll 95, injuries 874.

15:53 - Reports suggesting that decree was made delegating armed forces to assist security forces in restoring security.

15:53 - Cairo Opera House announced it has postponed all of its activities in Egypt’s capital and in the coastal city of Alexandria until further notice. The suspension extends to all venues operating under the Cairo Opera House.

15:46 - State of emergency declared by interim President for one month across the nation starting at 4pm Cairo time.

15:25 - Various reports state that the Franciscan Catholic school in Suez has been burned down.

15:24 - Bon Pasteur Catholic Church in Suez has been attacked and set alight with Molotov cocktails. 

15:18 - MB protestors are starting new sit-in, building a stage in Midan El Arab in Maadi.

15:10 - MB leader Mohamed El-Beltagy confirms on TV that his daughter has been killed. 

15:02 - Death toll rises to 17 casualties in Fayoum, according to Al Arabiya .

15:02 - Tighter security in front of Torah prison in anticipation of a break-in to release convicted MB leaders.

15:01 - Al-Arabiya news reporter: security forces block entry to El-Nahda square due to presence of MB snipers on rooftop of buildings.

15:00 - MB leader Mohamed El-Beltagy appears on air after allegations that he has been arrested. Via Al-Arabiya

15:00 - Khairat El Shater's daughter is not dead. She posted a Facebook status to dispel rumours. 

14:50 - Salafi party Al-Nour has called for a halt to attacks on Coptic churches via @AlArabiya_Eng.

14:48 - There are reports that Reuters photojournalist, Asmaa Waguih, has been shot in the leg and she is currently in hospital.

14:46 - Minister of Interior to El Badil: Muslim Brotherhood now firing heavy weapons from Raba'a mosque.

14:45 - Ministry of Health: 56 killed and  526 injured as a total tally.

14:43 - Minister of Interior: 7 officers and conscripts killed, 75 injured.

14:41 - Reuters alleging 5 killed in an attempt from MB to invade a government building in Suez.

14:40 - El Noor Party releases statement urging against violence against churches and public property. Via Al Arabiya. 

14:39 - Central Bank of Egypt: banks and stock markets are not operating tomorrow via Al Arabiya.

14:35 - There are various reports suggesting that Morsi supporters are targeting Coptic shops, hotels and people in Luxor. The Coptic-owned Horus hotel has been burnt down.

14:29 - Sky TV confirms Sky TV UK cameraman has been killed in Raba'a Adaweya.

14:25 - Al Arabiya bureau chief says there are reports a curfew could be imposed.

14:08 - Naguib Sawiris on CNN, says 4 churches have been burnt in various cities.

14.04 - 12 police stations across Egypt have reportedly been attacked. 

13.47 - The Muslim Brotherhood has claimed that Khairat El Shater's daughter and son-in-law have been killed.

13.46 - Sky News reports that convicts have been broken out of a police station in El Waraq.

13.35 - The moment a police truck was thrown off 6th October Bridge has been caught on video:

13.32 - The military has released aeriel infrared footage of El Nahda clear-out, as pro-Morsi protestors fire live rounds.

13.28 - More agencies are reporting the arrest of MB leader Mohamed El Beltagi.

13.15 - Turkey's Erdogan: "Army involvement against civilian protesters is completely unacceptable."

13.14 - Riot police regroup amongst clashes across Cairo.

13.13 - Al Hayat TV: 8 churches across Egypt have been torched. Over 30 Hamas member arrested at Raba'a.

13.09 - Tram cars burned by pro-Morsi demonstrators in Alexandria. Photo by @DaliaZiada:

13.02 - Al-Azhar distancing itself from the military, claiming they had no knowledge of what was going to take place. 

12.51 - Health Ministry now claiming 15 dead, 203 injured. 

12.41 - City council buildings in Alexandria and El Beheira have been set alight. 

12.33 - Sky News Arabia: Reports that Mohamed El Beltagi has been arrested.

12.23 - State TV shows shots of pro-Morsi protestors using AK47's against state security forces, while there are reports that a police vehicle has been pushed off 6th October bridge near Nasr City.

12.12 - Photos from Raba'a Field Hospital show over 40 dead, despite Ministry of Health claims that casualties are 10. 

12.09 - Grand Sheikh of Al Azhar urges Egyptians to refrain from violence, which can not replace political processes.

12.01 - New Muslim Brotherhood sit-in forming outside Mostafa Mahmoud Mosque. Stage is being built. Photo via @JGulhane:

11.56 - Explosion heard at the home of Fayoum governor, while Morsi supporters attack local council building in Beny Sueif.

11.55 - Ministry of Health's casualty toll is 7.

11.45 - State TV: Police station in Waraq broken into, weapons stolen by pro-Morsi protestors. 

11.42 - Protests erupt across El Fayoum, with all routes leading to the governorate having been closed off. Reports state that a Coptic organisation has been attacked in the area.

11.41 - Clashes at Raba'a Adaweya continue. Photo via @mosaaberizing:

11.36 - Egyptian Cabinet of Ministers to hold emergency meeting later today.

11.35 - Ministry of Health reports the deaths of 5 policemen.

11.34 - Al Haram Street closed in both directions at tunnel (Giza Square end) by pro-Morsi protestors.

11.30 - Pro-Morsi supporters gather rocks from Heliopolis/Nasr City tram line. Photo via @KFahim:

11.20 - MoI is said to have gathered intelligence that suggests Muslim Brotherhood leaders have called upon protestors to attack police stations across Cairo.

11.10 - Morsi supporters close Cairo Ring Road in several locations.

11.09 - State TV: Violent clashes between security forces and protestors on El Nasr Street.

11.07 - State TV: 6th October Bridge in Cairo completely closed.

11.00 - Pro-Morsi rally congregates at Al-Fath Mosque in Ramsis Square.

10.53 - Reports that church in Sohag has been set ablaze are true. Photo via @EgyptianStreets:

10.52 - Ministry of Aviation assures all flights in and out of Egypt operating as normal.

10.43 - Pro-Morsi alliance announces 20 marches across Cairo today.

10.36 - MoI reports 200 arrested at El Nahda clear-out.

10.32 - There are reports that Muslim Brotherhood leaders Safwat El Hegazi and Mohamed Beltagy are being surrounded by police forces in a residence near Raba'a Square.

10.22 - The Central Bank of Egypt has announced that banks will be closed at 12pm today.

10.17 - Video shows armed pro-Morsi protestors in Gamaet El Dewal Street, Mohandiseen.

10.15 - Tear gas fired in Raba'a as police forces close in on sit-ins. Photo via @SoltanLife:

10.12 - Churches in Sohag, Upper Egypt and Heliopolis, Cairo are said to have been attacked in retaliation to sit-in clear-outs.

10.05 - Live ammunition seized at El Nahda. Photo via @3mo_Shehab:

10.03 - Protests opposing the sit-in clear-outs have errupted in Suez and Alexandria.

9.58 - Tear gas is fired at Mostafa Mahmoud, forcing pro-Morsi demonstrators to extend their sit-in to Batal Ahmed Abdel-Aziz Street, Mohandiseen. Photo via @JGulhane:

9.43 - Ministry of Interior claims 5 dead and over 50 injured in sit-in clear-outs in Nahada and Raba'a Adaweya.

9.42 - Trains from Upper Egypt to Cairo have been stopped.

9.41 - El Nahada sit-ins regrouping at Mostafa Mahmoud Square, Mohandiseen.

9.39 - Gunshots heard in Raba'a Adaweya, where weapons have been seized from with-in the dispersed sit-ins.